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Sunny Health & Fitness

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Key Information


The simulator seting in motion not by the efforts of a person engaged, but by a special electric motor.

Exercise Type

Cross Training


Easily moves around the room and does not take up much space.


Steel is the best material for simulator. Duration of use of the simulator is affected by the strength of the joints and the quality of the main frame.


Provides control of the training time.

Speed Range

Allows you to choose the optimal training mode with considering of runner's background.
0.5 - 5 MPH
0.5 - 12 MPH


Allows to provide accurate counting of spent energy.


Heart Rate Monitor

You can monitor your pulse with a wireless sensor, just by touching handrail with your thumb.This will make the training as effective as possible.

Adjustable Handlebars

Make jogging more comfortablead with justable handlebars. This option will allow the simulator to be used by all family members.

Chest Press Extension

The simulator allows you to achieve the maximum reduction of pectoral muscles.

Thigh Trainer Extension

A simulator for the thigh, it allows you to influence on the shape of the hips. While working on the equipment, a uniform load is created over the entire amplitude of the movement.

Butterfly Station Extension

It is used for the general development of the muscles of the chest without the bench press training. In addition, it pumps the trapezoid and the posterior deltas, as well as the muscles of the shoulder rotators.

Special Feature

High Pulley Extension

Independent simulator-crossover, which is equipped with two pulleys. Crossover can be quickly configured to perform a variety of exercises.

Leg Developer Extension

Bending legs in the simulator is an isolated exercise and is aimed at working out a group of hip flexors. This will give you the opportunity to make the contours of the hips more prominent.

Low Pulley Extension

Allows you to use different grips and to affect differently to the muscles of the back.

Shock Absorbing Deck

Unique technologies for absorbing vibrations and shocks, as well as damping systems that protect joints from damage.

Incline Options

Increasing the angle of inclination, we proportionally increase the load on the legs (including the calf muscles).


Shock Protection


During training on the bike, when combined with the ANT + speed sensor or speed / cadence, the gadget tracks the speed and distance, and then transfers it to your device.


Allows you to effectively keep intervals in your workouts.


Mains Power Supply

Powered Incline

Batteries Included

Built-in Devices

Computer Function

Computerized simulators allow you to quantitatively and fairly accurately dose the physical load during the training.

Computer Function Levels

Adapted settings allow you to more effectively achieve specific goals.

Reverse Motion

Reverse movement allows you to perform the usual exercises in a different way, which increases the load and increases the efficiency.

Scan Facility

Scanning facility allows accurately tracking of status during training for greater efficiency and safety. New value fot this site.

Memory Card Supported

Product Specification


1.25 HP
2.5 HP

Max User Weight

220 LB
300 LB

Rated Voltage

110 V
110 V

Rated Frequency

60 Hz
60 Hz

Running Surface

41.5 x 13.5 inches
20 x 60 inches

Accessories Included

Non-Slip Mat

Non-Slip Mat will give more confidence in the coating and make the workouts safe.

Adjustable Footplate

Training will be more effective and comfortable due to the adjustable footplate.



69.5 pounds
220.5 pounds


54 x 36 x 52 inches
74 x 33.1 x 53.9 inches